An idea to prevent indoor recess

It was really cloudy last night, so I couldn’t ponder the stars as I went on my evening walk. That gave me some time to think about winter clothing for kids. While I was researching my last blog post, I came across a lot of school policies for a kid who comes to school without lunch. They were all a variation of “if your kid arrives without lunch, we will make sure they get one.” In some cases, the school would have a fee to the parents for the lunch for this service.

What I didn’t see what “if your kid comes without a jacket (mitts, hat, etc) we will make sure they get one.” Obviously, this would be complicated, but if governments were serious about the outdoors as a wellness activity and as something that promotes learning, they would fund such a thing. Schools could have a materials manager who looked after clothing and other equipment (like computers, desk, snowshoes, etc). Parents would still be responsible for being the primary provider of proper outdoor clothing but, if your kid comes without mitts, we’ll make sure they get them.


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  1. Recently, one of my boys forgot snowpants. I was pleased to discover that the school provided him with a spare set. Turns out they keep some of the lost and found from past years (there is mountains of it) to kit out kids. Brilliant!


  2. Hey Mike.. Love the blog! Keep up the great work!


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