Cold today

So, it’s currently – 28 with the windchill here in Calgary.  That means that, if school were running, the local school board would cancel recess.  The theory is that it’s too cold to do anything and too dangerous to let kids outside.  Instead, kids are allowed to run around the gym, play computer games, read or play other games.  This means that the kids lose the opportunity to burn off some energy, gain the calming benefits of nature and get some valuable exercise.  It would be far better if we adopted the old Norwegian custom of “no bad weather, only bad clothing.”  This is a country where people embrace winter – it’s no wonder that they dominate Cross Country Skiing at the Olympics!  It does mean that we’re going to have to think a little bit differently about what our kids go to school in though.  Jeans and t-shirt, while stylish, aren’t going to stay stylist very long if your kids freeze in them.

My $5 balaclava came in handy!

My $5 balaclava came in handy today!

Here’s a great video from Active Kids Club that shows how people should get dressed during the winter (and, go figure, Kari, who runs the site, is originally from Norway). It’s a great place to start.  I would add that you can find most of the clothing at places cheaper than the high end stores – Costco sells Merino Wool Socks and underwear, lots of places sell fleece and high end gear can be found cheaply on eBay – I paid nearly $500 for a jacket like this one 15 years ago and now it can be found for under $20. Patagonia even has a partnership with them to encourage people to buy used.

I was out for ages today – dressed well, I even got a bit too hot at one point. That meant that I was able to take some photographs, get some exercise and really enjoy the day.  I couldn’t have done that if I’d stayed inside!

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