Winter Fun

The park down at the end of my street has a skating rink.  My son got ice skates for Christmas.  Guess what we’ve been doing?  Yep – learning to skate!  We’ve only been out once, but he really liked it.  I liked that we were spending time outdoors in the fresh air!

Winter is a time when it’s all too easy to stay inside watching tv, reading and playing on the computer but, as many parents will tell you, it’s also a time when the lack of time outside leads to some pretty impressive behaviour issues.  You see, when a kid doesn’t get the chance to run around outside, they don’t get the chance to burn off extra energy and that goes into driving you a little bit nuts happy fun times running around your house and not going to bed on time.  They also don’t get necessary light from the sun and that’s hard on the eyes, can lead to vitamin D deficiency and makes for less fun at bedtime.

I’d love to hear your ideas about how you keep busy in the winter.  I’m always looking for new things to try!

Until then, we’re going skating!

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  1. As a kid my friend and I spent the weekend creating 2 forts that were about 6m apart. They were tall, too (we had to climb up them to get the snow to the top) then we piled a couple mounds of snowballs and had the entire grade 6 class over for a snowball fight…It was fantastic fun…

    It goes to show that you don’t need brightly coloured plastic toys or expensive gadgets – you just need a field and some snow for good things to start happening 😉


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