Nature on Christmas Day

Dashing through the mall, on a one man open checking account, through the stores we go, cashing all the way.

Do you ever get the feeling that there isn’t anything natural about Christmas? Plastic trees, hurried lifestyles, buying lots and lots of stuff and then, you’re inside most of the day watching old movies on Christmas.

Some stores even open for Boxing Day sales early to let the shopping continue (for my American friends – Boxing Day is our shopping equivalent to Black Friday).

This Christmas, I’m going to make sure that I spend at least a little bit of time outside.  I will get my son and I all bundled up and we’ll go sledding, or digging in the snow or something fun outside.  Maybe we’ll make snow angels! Maybe we’ll just go for a walk and look for reindeer tracks.  I know that we’ll be spending some time outside.

We’ll be doing it because everything about a modern Christmas is just ripe to keep him awake to the wee hours of the morning.  He’ll be excited, there will be tv, new things and a great big supper – with pie, no doubt.  We know that all those things stimulate a child and get them wound up.  We also know that time outside helps a child sleep better at night.

I know that I’m going to need the rest!

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