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Hockey, nice evenings and nature

As I’m writing this, I understand that game 7 of the Stanley Cup is on. I know that because my twitter feed is all a twitter with people “cheering” for the game. I don’t think I’ve seen as many people excited about hockey since the series in the early 90s when it looked like the Leafs were going to play the Habs in the finals. How does that connect? I listened to the final game of that series on the radio while sitting around a campfire roasting marshmallows. I distinctly remember the game ending, turning the radio off and looking at the stars. I suspect that, tonight, most people will watch with their kids, turn off the tv and go to bed.

So – here is a challenge to you all. When the game ends tonight, take your kids outside for a second and show them the big dipper (if this was winter, when hockey is supposed to be played, I would suggest Orion – my favorite constellation). Talk about the full moon and how earlier today there was a lunar eclipse. Help them connect a memory that will just be about their team winning (or losing) with a natural experience and they will remember it forever.