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They’re selling dirt now!

I’m the first to say that a little bit of dirt in somebody’s life is a healthy thing. There are studies that show that you have to eat a bit of it to have a healthy brain and immune system. Kids have immeasurable fun experiences when they play in the dirt, because there are an infinite number of possibilities! It can be pies one minute and a racetrack the next. I love dirt!

But. this is going too far. This isn’t play sand. It isn’t garden soil. This is dirt to rub into your hair and your clothing. I can think of so many better ways to get dirt in your hair and on your clothing. Here are a few ideas:

– roll down a hill
– go camping
– garden
– mountain bike
– go canoeing
– sit on a beach
– go rock climbing
– go caving

The are some many more. Tell your hipster friends! Maybe they’ll buy you a beer with the money they save!