The value of summer camp

In my day to day life, I run several summer camps. I believe that immersive outdoor experiences are the best way to connect young people to nature in ways that will allow them to live a lifetime connected to nature. Next to parents, it’s the best long term method. Today is the first day of staff training here at our camp and I’m very happy that we have a team of engaged young adults who understand what we are trying to do.

What I find particularly interesting is just how much they are open to new ideas. I’ve worked with camp staff who thing that any technology is a bad thing, but these guys are open to the idea that you have to meet kids half way if they are going to find what you’re doing at all relevant.

As well, they’re open to letting the kids free range a little bit. That doesn’t mean that camp is going to be absolute mayhem, but it does mean that the kids will have some time to plan their own programs and will be able to engage in ways that are meaningful to them. Experimentation is the key.

Ask questions of your summer camp leadership to see if they will meet your goals or if they will just translate the problems of the city into a natural setting.

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